Monday, March 18, 2013

Leverage: Season 3 - Patience

Aaaaannnd it's fan video time once again. This is the third installment of my "Season Themes" Leverage Fan Video. I'm telling you, it's getting harder and harder to do these because there is so much going on right now in the seasons. I must admit my favorite video so far is still Season 1 - Trust. We can really see in the scripts of Season 1 how the stories evolved around the theme. But hey! This is not to say that the other seasons are bad. They are great in their own way. And the way Rogers, Downey and Devlin made Leverage, each season is a stand alone season, so it's really unfair to compare them from each other. 

So season 3 of Leverage is about Patience. Patience in doing the cons, in dealing with each other, in knowing Sophie's real name, in wanting pretzels and in taking down Damien Moreau. This season also dwelled on the character development of Eliot, Parker and Hardison after the first 2 seasons centered more on Nate and Sophie.

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