Saturday, November 2, 2013


I don't usually make reviews of my gadgets as I am no techie expert, but I guess this one is an exception. I just love the quality I got for the price of the Sony MDR-EX60LP In-Ear earphones. For just P1299, that's approximately $40+, I was surprised at the great buy I had for this one. 

I am actually a fan of Sennheiser, but I'm a bass-head and love my bass loud and deep. This is just something that I can't get from my Senny. Also, my senn is starting to beg for a replacement as the wires have started to split up after about 4 years of use. So I was looking at the Senns for a replacement. I tried a lot of models that fit my budget, but just can't get the right bass that I want. So I was about to go home and think some more of what model to get when I saw the Sony displayed in a store. The salesperson was kind enough to open one for me so that I could try it and the moment I listened to it, I immediately fell in love with this little bugger! Asked how much it was and fell more in love with it! The bass boomed right out of the little in-ear speakers the way I've always wanted them too. The sound is still crisp and clear, and the fit was just great and comfortable. Not too loose or too "suffocating" for my ears. It came with different colors and I chose the blue but it has purple and yellow and pink. It also came with it's untangler. 

For me, this earphone is really a bang for my buck. If you want an affordable in-ear earphones, I'd say this one is a good buy. Don't get me wrong. The Sennheisers are still one of the best out there. But on a tight budget, this is a great buy. I'll continue saving up for a good set of headphones by Sennheiser, but for the meantime, I'm happy and contented with my Sony :)