Thursday, March 7, 2013

030709 #EraserheadsTheFinalSet

March 7, 2009 - My first Eheads concert after a loooooonggg time. And long means really long since the last time I saw them live on-stage was way back in high school when they performed at our annual small variety show during the Miriam High School Fair. Nung high school, sa auditorium lang sila nagperform, infront of hundreds of teenagers. We were jumping up and down as Alapaap was played, enjoying every beat, singing along with them lyric for lyric. Fast forward to 2009, more than a decade later (naku, bukingan na ng age..), and I'm in my last few months of internship in medschool. Our rotation was pediatrics and I really requested our interns' monitor.."please, wag mo akong ilagay na duty sa March 7. Okay lang postduty (medyo bangag nga lang ang feeling after, but I'll take it), pwede na din ang pre duty, wag lang duty!" And luckily my request was granted. Arriving at the concert grounds, nakakatindig balahibo (yes...:D) kasi THIS IS IT! ERASERHEADS concert! Who would have thought that they'll perform again as a group after the break-up? And after what happened in the reunion concert. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but we were given a 2nd chance to see them again and I'm glad I was there to witness it. Parang back to my high school days, jumping up and down during songs like Magasin, Toyang, singing every lyric along with the band and all the other people beside me. But this time, hindi lang hundreds of people, but thousands and thousands more! Di magkakakilala, but singing as one. Astig diba? It was great doing the tribute to the late, great, Mr. Francis M. together with the millions of people in the concert ground. My friends and I were overwhelmed with the adrenalin and emotion during and after the concert. Wala yatang nakatulog afterwards! It was truly a great concert, one for the history books. I'm sure everyone who attended it have their own great story to tell. It was a great escape from reality, at least 2 hours of great music, singing the songs that I grew up with na pinapatugtog sa radyo, casette at cd. After that night, we had to go back to the hustle and bustle of hospital life, but this experience is really something I'm going to treasure for a very very very long time :)
4 years ago. We were there...somewhere! Sana maulit muli (with Ethel Solon, Cindy Sotalbo and Charisse Te)

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