Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Ramblings About Leverage

The thing that probably frustrates me the most regarding the cancellation of Leverage is that, for the first time in so many years, a TV show that I follow gets cancelled before I get tired of it. In fact, I can't remember a show that I am still very much into, that got cancelled. Usually, the shows run for so long that I get tired of it or I lose touch with it. But not with Leverage. Yes, I lost touch in the middle of the 3rd season, but I have medical school to blame for that. I had to live in a dormitory without cable TV and when I get home during the weekends in our place with cable TV, I'm too tired to wait for the reruns at night (am I being too defensive here? Lol!) 

But anyway, as I was was pretty unusual for one of my favourite TV shows to get cancelled. I think it never happened to me before! The shows I came to love before such as Friends, Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, ER, I believe, if my recollection is correct, had a proper farewell season where the fans were given a heads-up that this is the last season for the series. And that is why I hate the way TNT cancelled the show. To think the show gave them 5 years of great viewership (S5 may have dipped, but still respectable numbers in my opinion), they could have at least given Leverage the proper farewell season.

I know, I'm not yet over it... But with all the free time I have these days, this is the only thing that I think about. There is no F1 or Michael Schumacher to keep me busy every 2 weeks, no games for my favorite basketball, baseball or football (that's soccer) team, my work is on hiatus...

But hey, I am slowly moving on...ever so slowly, but still, taking baby steps forward. Yesterday, I was finally able to watch The Long Goodbye Job for just the 2nd time since I watched it during Christmas. I was putting it off (re-watching), because when I watched it during Christmas, my emotions were all over the place. I had to watch it alone because the people around me didn't understand why I love the show so much and how much the cancellation has affected me. And, my oh my, watching with all those emotions of excitement because I know the episode is going to be one helluva ride, sadness because I know it's the last one, fear that maybe just maybe John Rogers and the gang decided to do something drastic to our favorite band of thieves, happiness when I got my wish (and Sophie's?) that Nate finally gave in and proposed to the best Grifter, Sophie, who is the love of his life, bestfriend and his compass, and sadness again because the characters (and probably the actors themselves) are crying while saying goodbye to each other and me feeling that this is really it, and then amazement when the "kids" had their moment in the end with the most unlikely person to take the Mastermind's role (trying not to give spoilers here, except maybe for the proposal part..)----all these emotions bottled up in one episode...I tell you, it was not easy to watch episode no. 77. So, that was why I was putting it off. I usually watch an episode 2 or 3 times within a week to see what I missed. But not here. Not yet. UNTIL, yesterday, I just got the urge to watch it again. And this time, I watched it with an analytical perspective, and BOOM! I was able to finally enjoy it! Brilliant writing, really, to JR and CD. They did say, they have conned everyone except the audience. And they sure did con us. Superb episode, probably the 2nd favorite episode after the Pilot. It gave the right closure for the show and kudos to John, Dean and Chris for ending the series the right way. I didn't feel sad, but felt contented. As Parker said, "I think I'm okay with it" and so Nate answered, "That's why we can go."

But the fight for Leverage continues. Don't get me wrong. We, Grifters, are making as much noise as we can to keep others informed about the show. Because maybe, just maybe, the noise reaches the right person, and that someone out there is listening and is willing to revive this great show. 

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