Sunday, January 27, 2013

Leverage Season 5 DVD is a Go!

Good news indeed for Leverage fans! Dean found a distributor for the Season 5 DVD and this comes a great relief for every Grifter. Days after the cancellation, Dean revealed to his twitter followers that there might not be a DVD for Season 5 as the distributor backed out due to lack of sales for the Season 4 DVD. This was the second dagger to the hearts of the Grifters as our favourite show gets cancelled days before Christmas, and now it seems that we won't be able to complete our Leverage collection. 

But, yesterday gave us hope that things may still be looking good for Leverage. First, we were able to give them the People's Choice Award. Leverage became the only show in the history of PCA to win an award after being cancelled. Then, now, Dean gave us good news that the DVD will be released under Fox (thank you Fox!). I'm surely going to buy one, even if I have to order online and pay for those expensive shipping and customs rates. I have the DVDs for Seasons 1-4, but unfortunately, only Season 2 came with the extras and commentaries (dammit region 4 DVDs). I don't want to miss out the extras and commentaries for Season 5, which as of now is the last season for Leverage, so I'm willing to order it online. 

I hope the next good news we get to hear about Leverage is that we were finally able to steal a new network for Season 6! 

Thank you for not giving up Dean! And you can bet, we haven't given up on Leverage as well! Not just yet.


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