Monday, October 8, 2012

Nate/Sophie - What About Now

Okay, my creative juices are running on an ultimate high for the past few days. Maybe because I also want to forget the worries for awhile and think about something else. Whatever is the reason behind it, my latest creation is this Nate/Sophie fanvid.

Since I have rediscovered my love for Leverage in the past few weeks (as I stated in a post below), I can say that the love story between the Mastermind and the Grifter is one of my favorite story arc of the series. The writers made a great job of pacing their relationship in the 5 seasons that the show has been airing. This allowed the characters to grow, get to know each other, and the audience was also able to understand them better. Tim and Gina just have awesome on-screen chemistry, thanks to the fact that they both admitted that they are indeed best of friends off-screen as well. And they are just terrific actors because they don't need to say something to actually convey a message to the audience. The subtle looks, the longing looks, the frowns, the smiles and the tears they both share when they are in the Nate/Sophie moments tell the whole story about these two characters. They are the best at the work they do, but in the end they tend to always need each other and find each other when the going gets tough. They know each other's flaws and understand each other..probably much better than they understand themselves. 

The music I used in the video was Westlife's What About Now. I was actually originally going to use the Daughtry version, but found that the Westlife version just had enough "cheesiness", if I may call it like that, that provided the perfect dramatic touch. Their version seems to just have more longing and desperation that fit the clips that I included. Clips were more from the earlier seasons of Leverage, when Nate and Sophie were still trying to patiently know themselves and each other.

So there goes another creative attempt. One really gets to do a lot of different things when there is just so much time in their hands.

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