Sunday, November 25, 2012

Danke Michael

Really couldn't say enough Danke Michael. It's a few hours before his last race, and just as he said, this time, it looks like it is a permanent good bye to Michael in Formula One racing. 

I've said this before and I will say this again. We are lucky to witness the career of one of the best racers in this lifetime. I believe it only happens once in a lifetime to experience and see how a man changed a sport. He became the benchmark for everyone to beat. Even when he was not doing well during his comeback, 2nd career as some might say, the drivers on track still want to beat him whether they are fighting for podium, points or way down in 15th or 16th places. But his comeback was not a failure. As one blogger said (Siebens from tumblr), statistically, it may have been a failure, but his comeback allowed us to see a different Michael. A more relaxed, human Michael. As Siebens said, who would have known that the "Robot" they called before would now be waving and winking at the cameras during qualifying. His 3-year comeback allowed us to understand and see the real Michael. The person, not the racer.

Michael, you say thank you to us for sharing your passion with you. But it is us who say thank you to you for doing what you love best, and allowing us to see how one's passion can turn dreams into realities. Indeed you showed us that dreams do come true. Achieving 7 World Driver's Championship in the highest pinnacle of motor racing and in a span of 21 years in the sport is but a dream to any ordinary person. But you were able to do it. And the best thing is you never forgot the people around you. You were always a team player and have always said that without the team, there won't be any victories to celebrate. 

Cheers Michael! In 2006, I didn't say goodbye. I said I'll see you around. And this time, I'm doing the same. See you around Schumi! Remember today, as you cross the finish line for the last time, an era in motor racing ends but your legacy lives on. 

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