Thursday, December 29, 2011


In a few days, we would be welcoming the new year, 2012. As cliche as it may sound, time really does fly. We are already 11 years post-Y2K. Yup, Y2K...when people were very nervous that everything will go back to the stone age because the dates will reset back to 00. I admit, though I said to myself that that probably wouldn't happen, there was still something inside me that wasn't 100% sure.

But enough of this Y2K and end of the world thing. 2011 is about to end and just like the previous years, it is worthwhile to look back (reflect maybe?) and learn from it, and give thanks to the blessings and trials that came our way. Whether we like it or not, we all grew up this age and hopefully as a person.

It is a year where we met new people and unfortunately, but lost loved ones as well. It is a year where there were moments of doubts and uncertainties, but hopefully, in the end, we found the right path and are moving forward again. It is a year of triumphs and trials. Of laughter and tears. Of tragedy and acts of kindness. Of doors closing, but finding opened windows. Of venturing into the unknown, and finding gold at the end of the rainbow. Of big achievements and sadly, disappointments. Of learning and teaching. Of first times and last times.
Yes. That is my year. Cliche as it may seem, but they do sum up everything. Just have to read between the lines.

I hope you guys had a great year and may you have a wonderful new year ahead.:)

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