Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr. Big...Big, Bigger, Biggest, Bestest!

Oldies still rock...and they rock hard! Mr. Big is back and boy are they better than ever! These were the boys who gave us the eternal song To Be With You which I bet everyone has heard for at least once since its debut in the early 90s. They broke up in 2002 due to internal conflicts but came back together (destiny?) in 2009 and released a new album late 2010. This year, they have been touring relentlessly all over the world, even in the US and they are rockin' the world one night at a time. 

It was a big surprise and delight to the Filipino fans, when they included our little country in their What If World Tour. I admit, their Bump Ahead album was one of the first cassette tapes that I first bought. I love their melodic rock music, how their songs are still melodic enough for fans to sing with, but with the right taste and mixture of rock. The first time they visited the Philippines, it was incidentally on my birthday, but I was not yet old enough to go to a rock concert then. And after 17 years, they have come back to Manila and the show was amazing! I actually didn't hear about the petition that the Mr. Big fans did online to bring the band here since their reunion tour in 2009. I accidentally saw their concert being advertised in Ticketnet and right then and there, I told myself, I GOTTA WATCH THIS!!! 

It was probably one of the most underrated concerts this year, especially since it was scheduled on the same day as Justin Bieber's concert! But who cares, I still went. Even Eric Martin didn't mind the clash of schedules and threw several Bieber jokes during the show to the delight of the crowd. As the advertisement said, be ready to sing big hit after big hit. And we did sing, danced and rocked during the concert! The venue was not sold out but the crowd was spectacular as you know that each one is a real fan of the band, who waited 17 loooong years for this comeback concert. It was a night to remember, cheesy as it may sound, but Eric, Billy, Pat and Paul didn't disappoint. They played classic Mr. Big songs as well as new songs from their new album and everyone was singing with them. Billy was so amazed at how Filipino fans just sing along with their songs, that he even tweeted about it and posted a fan video of how loud the fans sang. The atmosphere was really electrifying and what made us happier was that Eric said that they were amazed at how wonderful the crowd was and that they will sure be back sooner than before. 

The band played for more than 2 hours, but I know each one of us in the venue didn't want the night to end. Mr. Big performed so well, Eric's vocals and the boys' harmonies where impeccable. Billy and Pat showed the crowd why they are one of the best bassist and guitarist in the world. The long hair may be gone, but Mr. Big is definitely back. And thank you guys for including us in your world tour :)

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